To Be A Cloud (prod. Jamie Jay)

by Ivan Scutt

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actually there seems to be a kind of fear of the actual
we steer this contraption without a manual
entrapment, engaging, in time we'll
fit into a space we like,
into the dark we drive
because the dark's a reminder
i'm the same as any other but to me its different,
same for you
some paths connect but some need extra
steps or a breakthrough, if you can't find the fire
wait for a spark to acquire a debut,
aspiring won't
save you
save you
save you from getting tired
instead, try a sea view
cos scenery is a simile for
all the stuff that isn't me, no-one needs synergy
we're just a little fidgety, for rear view wist
and false etiquette,
rather peer reviewed bliss and its cruel
editors, all rather sedative so
wouldn't it be better to fold and leave the table,
gather all your cables and
find the string of tying things together

be a nexus be effective be intersections
be action be passion and you can gather traction

how can i help, well there's conversations to sell
battle stations to fell, imagination to shift as well
i don't think that anyone can lower fists that well,
that commendable spirit of high value. what time
have you, maybe time has you under your skin,
or over the airwaves, under the weather and
over played ,it flew
right past you
when the sky
falls on our unmade beds
our unsuspecting heads, with our fires and statues
battling over a stalemate, with our signs that read
please only junk mail today
its a fools proof to paint an image,
so build a frame and prove there's something in it
then see how you you can spin it
align to perpendicular with micro-management
or band together to find that mighty tangent
to come as standard, as i understand it
is a watermarked fabric,
narrow bandwidth,
taxis and habits,
last minute stand-in,
the token bandage,
vantage-point panic,
unspoken language

be a nexus be effective be intersections
be action be passion and you will gather traction


music by Jamie Jay.
vocal by Ivan Scutt.



all rights reserved


Ivan Scutt Projects. Leeds, UK

Artist from Newcastle based in Leeds, creating hip-hop, jazz, improv, metal, other electronic music and non-electronic music.

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