Headrush (Prod. Vollenbak)

by Ivan Scutt

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collab with Belgian beatmakers Vollenbak!
(Instrumental and production by Vollenbak
Lyrics/vocals, and electric bass by Ivan Scutt)


there's a hope and a dream, sometimes they combine and you
come out clean, bursting at the seams with
signals, living on a silver screen, all
pixels, building this fictional scene
picture an over-thinker at nineteen,
full of best intentions, not to mention a mind of
invention, attention fixed on machines
beats rhymes and life, maybe that's all we need
sewing a seed dont wanna be sat in static routine
screens and speakers, trying to capture some beauty
some say it's futile, but if i make a few smiles
it's good enough, rough around the edges but full of love
full of blood, a flash flood, a head rush,
there's plenty things that mean more than cash does
you can't catch us, we catch faster than matches
lay a beat down a see what hatches yo

bright flashes
crystals to ashes, following a line of dashes
tryna smash bars witho ut breakin glasses
jurassics, a tribe called classics,
a self-confessed beat addict, walking up to north hill
court feelin illmatic, or new radicals,
sharpen your pencils, tighten yo samples, this a
Vollenbak track with ivan scutt words tangled
flocks of vandals, now they got a handle
raise the heat with a whole box of candles
cancel all your plans man, s pan galaxies
gravity can't hold you down that's a fallacy,
i gaurantee a remedy, ten of these
memories, chemistry, these trees are evergreens
behind me my team are tokin low key
behind the smoke screen, rhythm and poetry yo

now it's time to get crescent fresh we only
chill but we chill the best, we've got skills so we
kill the rest, ben's battling creepers,
we're sitting in the windows orderin pizzas
lord of the smoke rings, and night-time creatures
windowman's on red deciding which move to teach us
bad movie club features, go watch Death Bed,
the Room, Troll 2, Birdemic, enough said
on the balconies, it's all alchemy
cos we made gold from green and entropy
we tend to be mentally modified, high flying
certified, strings intact but they're untied
the sun will surely rise on the east side
north-east vibes and a style that we keep tight
but maybe it won't instead it might stay night
push the fader an we'll make sure that we shine bright


released September 3, 2012
Instrumental and production by Vollenbak
Lyrics, vocals, and electric bass by Ivan Scutt



all rights reserved


Ivan Scutt Projects. Leeds, UK

Artist from Newcastle based in Leeds, creating hip-hop, jazz, improv, metal, other electronic music and non-electronic music.

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